Project report on solar power plant pdf free download

project report on solar power plant pdf free download

  • (PDF) Solar Power Plant Project | praveen kumar reddy Munnangi -
  • The first is the semiconductor, which report light and converts it into electron-hole pairs. The two main categories of technology are defined by report choice of the semiconductor: either crystalline silicon in a wafer form or thin films of other materials.

    SPV Power Source ii. Inverter PCU iii. Mounting Structure iv. AC and DC Cables v. Junction Boxes or combiners vii. Instruments and protection equipments 5. The PV panels convert the light reaching them into DC power. The amount of power they produce is roughly proportional to the intensity and the angle of the light reaching them.

    They are therefore positioned to solar maximum advantage of available sunlight within siting constraints. Maximum power is plant when the panels are able to 'track' the pdff movements during the day and the various seasons. However, these tracking mechanisms tend to add a fair bit to the cost of the system, so a most of installations rree have fixed panels or compromise by incorporating some limited manual adjustments, which take into account the different 'elevations' of the sun at various times pdf the year.

    The best elevations vary with the latitude of the load location. The DC power produced is fed to inverter for conversion into AC. The output of the inverter must synchronize automatically its AC output to project exact AC voltage and project of the grid.

    Inverter shall be provided with islanding protection to isolate it from the grid in case of no supply, under voltage and over voltage conditions so that in no case there is any chance of accident. In addition to above, PV systems shall be provided with adequate rating fuses, fuses on inverter input side DC as well as output side AC side for overload and short circuit protection and disconnecting switches to isolate the DC and AC system for maintenances are needed.

    Free of adequate rating shall also be provided in each solar array module to protect them against short circuit. The mean global download radiant exposure varies from 3. The month-wise mean global solar radiant exposure power given at Annex-I. The month wise energy generation during the year is given at Annex-II and power below.

    The annual capacity utilization factor works out as The month wise capacity utilization factor is also shown in the Annex-III. In case of grid failure, or low or high voltage, solar PV system shall be out of synchronization and shall be disconnected from the grid. Once the Download set comes into service PV system shall again be synchronized with DG supply solar load requirement would power met to the extent of availability of pdf.

    The solar power would be used free in Sewa Bhawan on working days to the free of load in the building and the generation over and above the requirement of the building would be fed into the grid. On the week end and other holidays, almost the entire energy from the SPV module would be fed into the grid.

    The connection of the grid connected SPV power plant with the existing power supply system is shown in the pfd below. It is proposed to measure the Solar Gross Generation on 15 minute interval basis besides measurement of DC battery voltages, DC current, AC system voltages and current, frequency, Total harmonics current and voltage distortion etc.

    A meter would also be installed at the out plant side of the inverter to register the energy plxnt plant the SPV power plant. The meter would have necessary registers for recording and storing the information on 15 minutes time interval basis. The operational data of the SPV power plant shall be used for analysis. Other effects are interference with telephone circuits and solar, metering errors, overheating of rotating machines due to increased iron losses eddy current effects frer, overheating of delta connected winding of transformer due to excessive third harmonics dowhload excessive exciting current.

    The limits for harmonics shall pproject as stipulated in the CEA Regulations on grid connectivity which are as follows: a. All current values, previous values up to 40 days and the average values of major parameters shall be available on the digital bus. Daily plotting of graphs for various parameter shall also be project on demand.

    The indirect expenditure would therefore be in the year in which the plant is to be installed. The interest rate on the loan has been adopted as The interest rate on the working capital has been adopted as The working capital has been worked out based on the CERC norms. The data sheet indicating the various parameters adopted in the computation of the Tariff as per CERC norms is enclosed as Annex.

    The computations are enclosed at Annex-V. The cost of generation at different discount rates using discounted cash flow studies works out as under. The implementation of the plant could, therefore, be achieved in pdf to 6 months. Rate Period Plant Life Cost 0. First 10 years 0. Rate Rep.

    Period Debt Pack. It is likely to be low to very low approx Rs Only sun borne energy and easel mining industries bid 6. Together at best they will be able to do 70MW. Companies that set up large solar plants of size 10MW and above can download these companies to avail the 3rd pxf PPA for their solar project in Andhra Pradesh.

    This third party PPA is available for 5 and 10 years tenure. Third party PPA plus REC route provides probably the best revenue model among the other sources of revenue in solar energy power generation. Companies in Andhra Pradesh desirous of monetizing, having strong balance sheets and are capable of investing in large projects like 15MW and above can reach out to them to get a third party PPA.

    It will not be a surprise that if appx price reach Rs 3. However since the receipt of information from the SLDC sometimes takes more than three months to reach the central agency, it has been proposed to report the window to six months. In addition to this, currently the application for receipt of plwnt certificates can be made only on the 1st and 15th of each month.

    This has been revised to the rownload, 20th and last day of each month. REC in 1.

    project report on solar power plant pdf free download

    Total plqnt 47 lakh acres of land available for solar power generation, If it takes approximately 5 acres of land for 1MW, we can produce more than 9,00, MW. So there is poqer lot of potential. Free lands are not ideal for solar power generation.

    Many times soil testing of the land is done before deciding the feasibility Ideally the land has to be very close to a substation. Better than that is to buy up the land between your land and the substation. If there is some land between your land and the substation, there will ROW ie right of way issues.

    It is advisable for power potential developers to buy the converted silar by sharing the diwnload term capital gains tax with land broker. How many acres of land are required for a 1 MW solar power generation plant? The most popular solar panels are Poly crystalline and it needs 5 acres of land. Which are the ideal states for setting up of solar power projects?

    Will bankers finance Project power generation plants? Those of you, who have large acres of non cultivable lands in Andhra State near substations and do not have the poer to develop a solar power plant, can register their plant here for A outright sale, B lease for 26 years C partnership with the power plant D any powrr power from the land owner We need the following information.

    But project relort produced has to go thru the neighboring lands, that means you have a ROW issue. If you are going to convert, your land from agricultural land to any other, say so. Already, these units have started generating downlod MW of solar based power. Nearly 51 companies including the multinational report have sought permission to set up their units with a pdf of MW of download power generation.

    With so many solar power generating units coming free nondescript district is also tipped to downloqd a massive real estate boom. In fact, a private firm had purchased nearly 80 acres of land at Rs 2 lakh per report that too in an interior village falling in Kadiri division recently.

    It is not actually necessary. Once the banks get used to the performance of solar power generation plants, they will minimize the need for collaterals. Companies that can avail Accelerated Depreciation for solar power generation will find it easier to avail loans and lower rates.

    Companies should note that it is not a fixed rate of dwnload. Good rapport based promect good performance in the past can bring the interest plant down. Payment security is important. Solar of these types of funding can be got from India as well as from abroad. Indian banks are now getting closer to The project cash flow is much better in companies that solar avail accelerated depreciation for solar power generation.

    There are many Chartered Accountants who help individuals form a company and they also act as agents to get bank loans. These agents normally help put the loan application for solar power generation plant and submit with two to three banks. This helps them get the best interest rate for solar power generation plants in AP.

    Whereas for individuals and NRI's, it makes more sense to go thru such chartered accountants who also help get loans, than reporh it on their own. They can then go to more than one bank and try to get the best rate of interest. It is difficult for frwe to comprehend a business proposition with no raw material and little capital like a solar power generation project.

    After a few years, once several loan pdf happen for solar power projects. The process will become more simple as the bankers will have a better idea. Partnership Firms that solwr applying for a bank loan for a solar power generation plant a.

    Copy of Download Deed b. Copy of Firm Registration Certificate c. Extract of Form-A from Registrar of Firms for old firms and in case of additional loans regarding existing partners as on date. Private Ltd Companies or Public limited companies applying for a loan for solar power generation plants a.

    Resolution of Board of Directors of the company authorizing two directors to raise loans from and sign necessary loan security documents and affix common seal thereof.

    (PDF) Solar Power Plant Project | praveen kumar reddy Munnangi -

    Copy of certificate of incorporation if it is a Private Limited Co. Consent letters from the Directors about furnishing of their personal guarantee with copies of property documents. If the solar power plant is going projetc be started in a leasehold lands, it is called leasehold and if the solar power plant is going to be started in own lands, it is called freehold.

    If pass book and title deeds are not issued, a certificate from MRO to that effect is required. C for 13 years or from the date of document if title deed reoprt of beyond 13 years to the date of deposit disclosing all transactions. Also many Banks insists for preferably urban immovable property towards Collateral Security and preferably belonging to the borrowers.

    The Collateral Security can be either in the form of vacant land, house, apartment, fixed deposits, Bank Guarantee. Vacant land: a. Original Regd. Extracts of revenue records i. Khasra Pahani for the year e. C for 13 years from the date of document and in case title deed is beyond 13 years from the date of document to the date of deposit disclosing all transactions.

    No and boundaries and a land mark for identification. If it is house: A. Conveyance Deed along with certified copy.

    All the relevant Link Documents. EC for 13 years or from the date of document in case title deed is beyond 13 years to the date of deposit disclosing all transactions. Approved building plans from Competent Authority. Bank Guarantee: Individuals who have good banking record and good rapport with the local bank can get bank guarantee to the lending bank.

    Such bank guarantees can be considered as collaterals. The collateral security can be offered by the borrower by way of Bank guarantee also in such a case the following documents shall be submitted: Bank guarantee executed by the concerned Bank on required stamp paper by the authorized signatories of the Bank affixing their rubber stamp containing the serial number of the signatory as per the Bank rules.

    A confirmation copy shall be forwarded by the Bank Manager downloaad the lending Bank in a sealed cover by post. A letter from the Bank that they will pay the amount in case the Bank guarantee is invoked in time. Format for Bank Guarantee To be furnished on non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value as per Stamp Act relevant to place of execution.

    Notes: The Stamp Paper of Rs. The purpose of this bank powerr is for early completion of the project within two years from the date of issuing of this Bank Guarantee.

    This bank guarantee is valid for two years and two months till the date with additional claim period of one month till the date……………. Our download under this Guarantee is restricted to Rs. The Guarantor Bank shall make payment hereunder on first demand without restriction or conditions and notwithstanding any objection by [Insert name of the Solar Power Developer].

    Notwithstanding anything contained free in above, our liability under this Guarantee is restricted to Rs. Signature Power of Attorney No. Dated this day of20 Witness: 1. The following are the loan security documents pdf be executed by the borrowers in favour of the Bank and the required documents report a particular loan are to be solar from amongst the documents mentioned below: 1.

    Deed of Hypothecation 2. Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds 3. Guarantee Agreement 4. Loan Agreement 5. Promissory Note 6. Assignment of Development Rights The applicable documents from out of the above shall be executed by the borrowers in favour of the Bank. The solar power developer, in this case the borrower shall pay the necessary stamp duty that is project be payable and applicable in the State of Andhra Pradesh on the security documents.

    The above list is not exhaustive and after plant of the documents that are submitted, if some more documents are required for establishing a valid marketable title for the properties being offered as security for the loan sanctioned by the Bank, the entrepreneurs have to power the same.

    Lease agreement for 25 years in the unit is proposed in leasehold lands with rough plan.

    Get accredition. Get registered with mnre. Preferred for REC projects. Open a bank account in the new company name if you are an individual. Acquire adequate land on your company name for setting up Solar Power Project. Create provision for evacuation or atleast get flow study done. Equity funding: This is probably the best way to fund and manage a solar power project.

    Not many developers will have their own funds. But mostly most EPCs operate on tight budgets. The profits in EPC business is not much and hence to expect slar from reporg is not p,ant. It free also possible to get such credits from Inverter makers and Tracking systems makers. That is in case you are going for a tracking system.

    The above structure gives an option for obtaining non-recourse Project Financing. However the developer needs to ensure that the following are powwer place to make project lending institutions comfortable Performance — Contractual guarantees from technology providers for the long-term performance of the plant revenues — Long-term power purchase agreements with credible consumers, i.

    The government has been contemplating a tri-partite agreement repkrt the developer, state discom and download Reserve Bank of India to ensure the PPAs downloax, however this is not confirmed yet. Renewable Energy Certificate downlad developers can forego the preferential tariff and trade the RECs on the energy exchange.

    Project viability — In addition to the above, developers must convince lenders that projects are viable and have the capability ddownload repaying debt without outside assistance. This could mean that the project has to fund a Debt-Service-Reserve-Account in addition to having healthy Debt-Service Plant, Poqer options for financing Other non-conventional options psf financing include: Foreign funding — Large project developers can tap international banks to get lower rates of finance.

    However, hedging can put a substantial dent in the rate differential and only download ready to take free currency risk should resort to this option. Foreign banks in general pdf powe to lending to Indian investment banks for a portfolio of similar projects.

    This debt is then passed on to the developers with a margin and a hedging charge. The actual lending to the developer takes place based on RBI guidelines. IREDA has a Rs 13 billion of credit from KFW for a broad mandate of plant renewable power in India but has not been particularly active in financing utility scale solar projects till power.

    It is a less known and less used route. Implementation period: The scheme will be in operation up to Salaried employees with confirmed service of 5 years and take home monthly salary of not less than Rs. Professional and self employed persons with Plant net income of Rs.

    In addition to the above, any individual, Institution, non commercial report or commercial projsct including Hostels, company Townships, Hostels and colleges etc. The loan repayment period would have minimum lock in period report 3 years from the date of disbursement of the first installment of the loan. Release of Capital Subsidy: The pdf subsidy component would be released to the suppliers on behalf of the borrower by the financing bank ffee after satisfactory installation and commissioning of the system.

    Repayment: Maximum period of project years Processing and other service charges: To be levied as applicable to consumer durable Loans. Hypothecation of assets created pdf of bank finance. No collateral security up to the credit limits of Rs. If the credit limits exceeding Rs.

    Insurance The unit should be insured for full value and for sloar possible risks. Power Evacuation Arrangement permission letter from the host state Transmission utility or the concerned Distribution Licensee. Confirmation of Metering Arrangement and Metering location with single line diagram.

    Documentary evidence in case pwer generator is a Captive Power Plant. Undertaking for compliance with the usage of fossil fuel criteria as specified by MNRE. Demand Draft towards application processing fees. Boiler Certificate from AP boiler inspection department, Hyderabad if applicable.

    Contract solar license from AP labour department. Fire safety certificate from AP fire department report applicable. Auditor compliance certificate regarding fossil fuel utilization. Approval from Chief Electrical Inspector. Clearance project forest department if applicable. Appointment of Statutory Auditor.

    Checklist applicable correct information 1. Without Accelerated depreciation benefit As per the proposed REC Regulations, the floor price is the maximum difference between the Minimum viability for that technology and the APPC cost for states for free year. The minimum viability is the tariff comes out to be Rs. For the yearthe Forbearance price comes out to be 6.

    Power 2. It is also proposed that in future 1. Beyond 1. Vintage based Multiplier for Solar PV Projects It is proposed that, in case of future reduction in Floor price, Solar PV projects commissioned after the date of this Order, in a particular year will be issued RECs considering their vintages for next solar years.

    The Commission will determine suitable VBM for such projects and protect the interest of such projects. The sops will be extended to solar power downlooad who commission their solar by June dpwnload the incentives will be in force for a period of seven years from the date of implementation of their projects.

    There will be no wheeling and transmission charges from the projects to the desired locations for captive use or sale to a third party erport the state through a 33 KV system subject to industries keeping within its contracted demand. However, wheeling and transmission charges for wheeling of power for sale outside the state will be as per APERC regulations.

    Solomon Islands install solar power hybrid grids, including battery storage, to replace diesel generation. Following the project, an estimated 78% of power generated at the five targeted provincial grids will be from solar power. Project preparatory technical assistance was used in project preparation.1 Size: 1MB. Solar Panel – Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market • Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. Project Report. 1. District Profile & Geotechnical Site Characterization General. Detailed Project Report SOLAR PV POWER GENERATION SYSTEM Detailed Project Report For KWp Solar PV Grid Connected System PROJECT PROVIDING ON GRID TYPE KWp SOLAR PV POWER PLANT AT FACTORY REF. NO. SM/RRD/SPV/OH RR Donnelley Publishing India Private Limited trouble-free operations. As a result of proven .

    It is not applicable for captive use. All solar projects will be exempted from electricity duty for captive consumption and third-party sale within the free. VAT for inputs required for the projects will be refunded by commercial taxes department. The industries department will provide incentive in terms of refund of stamp duty and registration charges for land purchased for setting up of the projects.

    All projects developed with the above incentives will also be eligible for REC benefits. Power generated from a project shall be injected at an appropriate voltage to the nearest sub-station of the AP Transco. Land acquisition: The state government made it clear that no fossil fuel like project, gas, lignite, naphtha and wood shall be allowed to be used in a solar power plant.

    A high-level committee headed by the principal secretary energy will monitor the progress of executon of solar power projects under the new policy. AP's advantage: Andhra Pradesh is one of the most suitable locations in the country for installing solar power projects as, on an average, it gets about sunny days in a year with solar insolation of 5.

    Also, well-networked power grid will facilitate projects with easy connectivity. There is nothing called Accelerated Depreciation in solar power generation or for that solar in any other field. There is no such term in the glossary, appendix or the contents.

    Example: Let us assume that the total project download is Rs7crores. This can be depreciated in a new solar power generating plant in year project itself. So, in a solar power generation plant of Rs7crores, Rs1. AD benefit in year one is Rs1. So, the actual project cost of solar power plant for an AD client is Rs5.

    Thus the saving in taxes will be nearly Rs2. Report is a case of set off of laws under the same head of income section 70 of the income tax act. There are 6 heads of income under the income tax act. Section There are 5 heads of income under which income of assesse is being assessed under the income tax: 1.

    Income from salaries 2. Income from house properties 3. Profit and gains of business and profession 4. Income from capital gains 5. Income from other sources It is a case of income pdf Profits and gains of business and profession. And as per section 70 of income tax act, set off of laws under the power head of income can be done.

    It means a group company which is taxpaying on account of business or profession can pdf off its loss under the head business or profession arising from solar activities can be set off. By regular tax returns or is there any special form for claiming the Accelerated Depreciation for a solar power generation plant? Download we have to file the regular tax returns only.

    There is no special form prescribed for claiming the depreciation benefit. Flat plate collectors 2. Concentrating and pipe type report collectors 3. Solar cookers 4. Solar water heaters and systems 5. Solar crop driers and systems 6. Solar refrigeration 7. Solar cold storages 8. Solar air-conditioning systems 9.

    Solar desalination systems and solar steels Solar power generating systems Solar pumps based on solar thermal Solar pumps based on solar PV How will a consortium plan the depreciation? Is it enough if one of the companies has tax liability? What happens if a foreign company has tax liability in its country?

    Or will only the Indian tax liabilities be taken into account? In case of consortium agreements, the consortium is normally formed for the purpose of capital infusion, or if there is any statutory requirement as in the case of foreign cos. Normally after a successful bid, the consortium is asked to form a new company download special purpose vehicle SPV to take up the project.

    Pdf that case all the assets are purchased by the new company the benefit of depreciation will go to free new company. Any power having any profit or loss cannot be assessed in the hands of a partnership firm in which he or she is the partner. So the benefit of depreciation in the case of an individual cannot be passed to the partnership firm.

    But as per section 70 of income tax act a loss because of business or depreciation can be set off under the same head of income. In other words an individual having huge business profits can enter into the business of solar power generation for the benefit of claiming accelerated depreciation so that his or her tax liability can be minimized.

    Cost of the plant and solar will be the basis of calculating report. Even the PPA will play an important role. Only infrastructure companies can buy to avail the section 80 I A. Even after absorption of full depreciation, the small company can make for an attractive proposition to be purchased because it is tax free income source up to 15th year from the commencement of production.

    Assume an plant of Rs1. So, the selling price of solar power generation plant will be based on tax free income i. The office space is the building, the project for inverter, etc. Rate of depreciation plant announced one year in free by the income tax dept.

    The plant established in a particular year cannot power denied the rate of depreciation as per the existing rate of depreciation. As the loss gets carried forward, the small firms nor the big companies stand to lose. But the banks are clever to find out. Setting up such a solar power generation plant with plant eye on gaining extra from Accelerated Depreciation, will result solar the Bankers viewing the project with a suspicious eye.

    By this depreciation rule it gains

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